V8 Sound System is an Indonesia-based sound system company, well-known by its best quality all over Indonesia. To ensure all of V8’s products produce a full, clear and distinguished frequency response, V8 is supported with the best materials from around the globe, such as woods from Russia, driver* from France and grill* from China. All these materials are authentically made in Indonesia with an International standard of sound system production. Also, V8 is the one and only sound system from Asia that attended Pro-Audio sound system exhibition di Frankfurt, Germany, and own our international branch in Cologne, Germany.

As one of the best sound system companies, we are not only supported with good products but also with a professional management team. Assisted by our sound consultants and V8’s well-experienced professional technicians, whom expertise in handling national and international major events. Such as 100 Years of National Awakening, APEC, ASEAN Summit ini Bali, Independence Day Celebration in Presidential Palace of Indonesia, WTO Summit and other huge events in Stadium Utama Senayan, Jakarta.

Since years, V8 still managing national and international events which both held by the national organizations. One of our best services and achievements, we supported the sound system for the visit of the President of the United States, Barrack Obama to Indonesia, which V8 was given an award from the White House Communications Agency for its remarkable quality and manufacturing, during his attendance in Bali, Indonesia.