SPPBE & LPG Agents

Keping perak will join a company that has been leading and has more than 20 years experiences in LPG distribution sector. By this collaboration, we have specific purposes to be the market leader in LPG distribution sector and committed to serve the community with reliable and sustainable supply of LPG.

The objectives of the company are to:

• Support national program of household energy conversion from kerosene to LPG
• Support LPG campaign as clean and low pollution energy
• Provide local communities a reliable supply of LPG
• Give significant return to the stake holders

To achieve the above objectives and aims, the company engages in the following commitments:

• Public education and marketing of the usage of LPG
• Safe and effective operation for stations
• Build strong relationship with local dealers
• Focus on cost efficient operation with maximum level of productivity

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Current Opportunity

At present, we have a strong relationship with a local partner that has inherited 20 years of excellence in reputation and expertise in gas distribution, storage and refilling plants. In order to optimize these opportunities, we are seeking for solid investors who are willing to support these projects.

We are open to share any information regarding LPG Industry in Indonesia. If you are interested, please contact us on info@kepingperak.com