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Yolori is the new kid in digital commerce town. Notebook, PC All-in-one, IT Solution, you name it. We realize that it takes more than luck to survive in this industry. So to ensure our social media tactics, we plan out their content—and social media updates—on an editorial content calendar. This ensures every piece of content is properly promoted in an organized manner to compete with the “big names”

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Founded in 2018, Costa & Jeans aims to lead the Fashion of Denim industry in Indonesia. The brand embarked the first chapter in its history, under the creative direction of Laureen Jennifer.

Laureen has developed a distinctive and modern language of clothing and she represents it through a wholly modern approach to fashion and thereby we will redefine Denim and its fashion for the 21st century woman in Indonesia. Together with TheCrew we give you a selection of trend to make you walk like a fashion icon.

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Gin International

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” That is our first impression of Gin International.

GIN International understands the ideals that you dream and the hope that you want to make happen.

Along the time we spend working for their Brand Identity and Social Media Marketing we have discovered Gin’s vision; the true meaning of success for a lot of people by having a healthy life through their Healthy Products & financial freedom as well as being a blessing for many people through their Marketing System. We’re sincerely honored to work with Gin International which has allowed us to inspire a lot of people through the collaboration.





FOXIP – Intellectual Property Consultant & Law Office

What could be a better call rather than to serve and to protect the people? This time we work with Foxip, an organization that gives Intellectual Property Security to trademark, trade secrets, patents, copyrights, industrial design and other legal services . TheCrew creates a Digital Identity for Foxip to spread the education, awareness, and services in Intellectual Property aspects in Indonesia and the world. Protect your Creation today with Foxip.




Green Pramuka City

We realize that branding has become a much more moving target. Green Pramuka City, have become a badge of self-expression that reflects the image as “The best view apartment with new concept of entertainment and lifestyle.” With that vision in mind we put the feeling of premium services and ensure that the building lives up to the standards of Jakarta Living through their Digital Media.

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