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Founded in 2018, Costa & Jeans aims to lead the Fashion of Denim industry in Indonesia. The brand embarked the first chapter in its history, under the creative direction of Laureen Jennifer.

Laureen has developed a distinctive and modern language of clothing and she represents it through a wholly modern approach to fashion and thereby we will redefine Denim and its fashion for the 21st century woman in Indonesia. Together with TheCrew we give you a selection of trend to make you walk like a fashion icon.

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Red Cherry Kids

“Together We Grow” is the philosophy of Redcherry Kids, the one and only distributor of Gleoite Wardrobe in Indonesia, a Taiwan-based clothing brand, established since 2004 and still very popular to the public today. In the era of a widespread online sales, we are here to give support to Redcherry Kids in Identity, Graphic, and Website so that we can grow together in this era of intense competition.





Green Pramuka City

We realize that branding has become a much more moving target. Green Pramuka City, have become a badge of self-expression that reflects the image as “The best view apartment with new concept of entertainment and lifestyle.” With that vision in mind we put the feeling of premium services and ensure that the building lives up to the standards of Jakarta Living through their Digital Media.

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Grage Rattan

With a mission to show uniqueness only craftsmanship can achieve through Rattan, we focus to create this best material the new talk in town. Inspired by the beauty of the galaxy we present the advertisement with black and gold highlights to enhance the luxury of our local craftsmanship.






Crafted a mission to give the best handmade rattan product for over 50 years, Pahias, sparks something special within us to give an excellent value to create a beautiful identity that everyone wants. We create a print advertising with precision in details, and keeping in mind that it is a proud Indonesian brand that 100% handmade by 100% Indonesia’s craftsmen.






Tour & Travel is a diverse and often complex business and our customers are representative of that. From niche operators to volume players, travel agent to tour operator and those that do else, Octope got the right system for that. Developing a brand image isn’t just a palm tree on some sand. We design octope for a perfect blend of user-friendly system and the adaptability to cope with almost any tour & travel-related scenario. it is the ideas and emotions that establish credibility and make customers trust Octope to handle their travel arrangements.




As a travel agent, your job is to get your clients the best deals for the best destinations possible. Communicating your dedication to that goal is The Crew x KlikGo paramount to success, and this is where our branding comes in. Creating a powerful brand image, in order for clients trust you to have their best interests at heart. The following details how we develop a winning brand image so we can help Klik Go and their clients enjoy the times of their lives.





TheCrew realizes that technology is a groundbreaking media bridge that’s helping to pave the way for tomorrow’s fully networked society. 

With new technology continuously making waves, Bcare creates a trend and imaginative ways to empower consumers. B’care’s easy-to-use card offers a host of powerful advantages.

TheCrew focus on innovations to find unique ways of bringing such Bcare’s resources smoothly into simple but clever brand activations.

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Liuk Lamp Set

Liuk Lamp Set is the first product of a new home line accessories produced by Pradipta. Through their history and the vibrant new introduced product line, we decided to project the brand values by creating a cohesive brand platform and expressing the unique values of the company to be successfully positioned itself as one of the hallmarks of creative industrial in Indonesia. Liuk is ready to make known their best product yet.

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Nekatun Chic

Nekatun Chic, Fabric Products that will enhance the appearance of tableware as well as your seater with the use of selective material with a quality choice of a higher standard. TheCrew began the rebranding initiative by highlighting the most important values of Nekatun that needed to be communicated.  Using powerful, beautiful imagery and the headline “100% handmade by the empowering ability of the household moth er”, not only a unique and visual identity had been established, but we also want people to know that Nekatun is a strong brand, and at the same time a valuable and widely recognized fabric products brand in Indonesia.

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