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Tollmart is an online grocery that delivers to residences and offices in metropolitan area. tollmart custom-prepares groceries for its customers, a manufacturing service called Just In Time to improve product’s delivery and quality. Partnering with tollmart team, we worked hard and fast to develop a look that would evoke a feeling of daily needs. The result is stellar, a simple and distinctive brand that lets tollmart maintain its quality message to bring their customers the very best — right to their front doors.



Super Sistem Integrasi

Super Sistem Integrasi was established by inspiring businesses from different domain such as Software Solutions, Hardware and Network Infrastructures. We create branding materials that define who the company is to their customers, differentiate the company from competitors, and communicate the unique value the company provides. The total brand development process that we did is a series of steps that will identify SSI brand values and define their proposition to become a super IT company along with their vision and mission.






We believe that scent branding is more than just diffusing a pleasant fragrance in a space. It is the art of taking a company’s brand identity, with a fragrance that amplifies these branding aspects. ZIVA, created a new fragrance in the world of perfume with its first fragrance, BAUDELAIRE. Our branding combines the use of visual and scent so the brand can establish a longer-lasting emotional connection with consumers.





Gerobak Asmara

“Food is a symbolic of love, when words are inadequate.”

There is nothing quite like the amour of a design seen through a robust identity. The brand identity for Gerobak Asmara, a food service, specialty in seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, meshes with a series of graphic elements that brighten the overall vibe. From the series of “love-ful” packaging designs, one gets the feel of Gerobak Asmara and what it’s all about!
Food is essential to life, that’s why we make it even better on the first sight.

flyer grbk




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Music Book Indo

Finding daily inspiration is the best way to stay motivated and to achieve our dreams.
The classic source for music awe-inspiration from talents around indonesia, Music Book Indonesia is a community “hype” promotes best artist to the hot front page.
Working with Indonesia’s top Music & Social community who reveal top talents forte through their featured page, We create how to harness the power of music-storytelling, community stage architecture, and the latest social impact to lead talents, shape culture, for a better music world. This is our time to shine.

Feb is an e-commerce website to sell and buy in a wholesale tract as a link between suppliers and businessmen who want to market their products wider. Through our branding identity, we want customers to know as a B2B portal marketplace with a vision as wide as the blue ocean, and a mission as strong as our green earth. To fill the earth with their passion as a business managed for common good and not individual, and to improve the economic as well as to help the people have a better life, that’s what THECREW and Kotagrosir are doing together, literally.



PT. Citra Sarana Mandiri Sejahtera

PT. CSMS ( Citra Sarana Mandiri Sejahtera ) is a member of the PT ALS Energi family of energy companies based in Jakarta, Indonesia with specific purpose to be the market leader in LPG distribution sector and committed to serve the community with reliable and sustainable supply of LPG.
PT. CSMS delivers clean, safe and reliable LPG to its customers as a pillar to support national program of household energy conversion from kerosene to LPG distribution utility, providing safe and reliable energy to millions consumers through the whole country. 
Our passion reflects our commitment to provide customers with world-class service.

PT. Alam Lintas Sejahtera Energi

PT. ALS Energi is a holding energy company in Indonesia. Gas is now critical part of our fuel mix, since this time we work hard to provide a cleaner and lower cost alternative for residential, commercial and industrial customers. We built storage facilities, distribution, and refilling plants supported by highly skilled workforce on every major to serve the people in Indonesia. 

als energi



At ARTILEATHER, when they say leather, they really mean it.  From the inception as a personal interest to leather as a rejuvenation of sophisticated design, ARTILeather has a purpose to keep on growing and developing the true meaning of leather.

The passion of THECREW team & our one-of-a-kind talented designers create the brand identity with an elegant and luxury design, with the result that the brand have a look that is instantly recognizable as ARTILeather. Without a doubt this is unique and something THECREW is immensely proud of.

artileather name card


Heaven Funeral

Heaven is one of the most luxurious funeral homes, which we provide with the social media activation and rebrand the website through designs and layout.